1.Aqua Peeling system.  Deep cleansing, thoroughly removes mites, removes blackheads and acnes.
2.4D circle diathermy system.  Stimulate collagen regeneration, remove wrinkle, firm skin, lift face.
3.Sprayer system .  High-speed jetting of water-soluble super-micro particles to skin tissue.
4.Ultrasound system.  Ultrasonic penetration is strong energy can enter the skin, enhance cell activity, and assist in product introduction.
5.Cool& Heat System .  Repair skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity.  Heat: Promotes blood circulation, expands pores, and enhance absorption of skin care products. Cool: Calms skin, tightens pores, locks moisture & hydrates skin.
6. The Bohr effect system.  Promotes skin blood circulation, promotes metabolism and cleans the skin. Consumables: Carbonate tablets & Gel        Green: shiny and rehydrate            White: exfoliation and tightening

7 IN 1

. Oxygen Spray

. 4D RF for eye or face

. Supersonic for eye

. Supersonic for face

. Bohr Effect Treatment

. Cryo Cold & Hot

. Hydro Peeling