Q-Med Pro Laser called Laser light which is different from the sun light. It is a single wavelength and wavelength range is very narrow. Wavelength of the laser is filled in the laser cavity of the laser medium of the decision. Laser focused to a point can almost reach very high energy, ordinary light because the focus is not so reach a high energy state laser. In addition, the monochromatic laser light is very important, which makes selective photon- thermolysis possible, because the laser must absorb specific targets, such as
hemoglobin or melanin, in order to play a therapeutic role.

Treatment Principle

Laser is using the instant emission of high-energy laser, so that the pigment particles are irradiated absorb energy instant rupture, become part of a more tiny nibs excreted in part by human macrophages phagocytes and excreted through the lymphatic system, in order to get rid of pigment. Since the normal tissue of 1064nm, 532nm laser absorption rarely without harming normal tissue, thus maintaining the integrity of the cell frame, it provided no scar formation, which is currently unmatched by any other method of treatment safety, so to ensure the greatest degree of customers will not be disturbed postoperative complications.

6 Major Beauty Advantage of Carbon Laser

*Skin Whitening, Improve dull skin

*Improve Brigtening & Uneven Skin

*Skin Tightening & Shrink pores

*Skin Refreshing & Balance Grease

*Skin Smoothen & Shallow Scars Removal

*Skin Rejuventation


Laser Skin Rejuvenation Operation Process

Treatment Scope

Inside endogenous pigment : Nevus (birthmark), coffee spots, age spots, freckles and etc

Exogenous pigment : Get rid of tattoos, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner, etc

Carbon Laser : Treatment which is treat with using special blasting carbon probe & carbon cream , in order to achieve the skin deep cleaning, whitening, shrink pores, improve skin texture included black head and white head as well.

4 type of nanometer laser probe

1320nm Carbon Laser @ Skin Whitening, Improve Dull Skin, Skin Brightening, White Black Head, Skin Lifting & Acne Skin as well

1064nm Toning Laser @ Skin Smoothen, Shallow Scars Removal, Uneven Skin.

532nm Laser @ Tattoo, Eyebrow Removal, Freckles…

755nm Pico Laser @ Open Pores, Melasma, Skin Whitening & etc.

Carbon Laser: Toner as an exogenous artificial color base; toner for 1320nm laser has excellent absorption properties.

Whitening Principle: A specific wavelength of the laser acts on the epidermis and dermis deep melanoma, “Carbon Laser” will direct epidermal melanin surplus blasting and crushing melanin skin deep, finally phagocytes or excreted directly with the sweat glands, in order to achieve whitening purposes.

Narrow Pores Principle: Nano toner applied to the face, after it penetrate pores, and then the laser blasting the toner particles, which shattered the dirt and epidermal keratinocytes; heat energy is conducted to the dermis layer, fully stimulate update and vitality of skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastic fiber repair, using the body’s natural repair function, start the new collagen orderly deposition and arranged so as to achieve instant eliminate fine lines
and wrinkles, shrink pores, smooth skin, so skin regains its original elasticity.


Security matters
-Electrical safety
The laser uses a single phase 220V/5A power supply with a maximum output current of not more than 3A. The power supply connected to the laser must use a well-grounded single-phase three-line power outlet that conforms to the national standard and has a specification of at least 5A. There is high voltage in the memory of laser running time. After turning off the power supply, the high voltage device may still have residual voltage-opening the box at will may have high voltage electric shock danger!

-Safe handling
The laser is a large device and is not suitable for mobile use by users. The handle shell of the laser machine is equipped with a precision laser optical system. In the process of handling, the shock absorber package provided by the original factory must be used. Otherwise, it may cause the laser system to be maladjusted and affect the laser output energy!

Before moving, the water in the instrument must be completely emptied(first pour the water in the tank, install the water tank again, and turn on the power to remove the water in the handle);

-System Safety Device
In order to ensure the safety of use, the laser design has the following safety protection devices:
1.Stop switch: facilitate emergency shutdown when an accident occurs;
2.standby / preparation control: When the standby state prohibits laser output, it is the safe state of the system;
3.The instrument can only add pure water, and add water to more than two-thirds of the water in the water tank. After one minute of reboot cycle, it is necessary to refill water to the water tank.. Replacing of pure water mandatory for 7days, and antifreeze is also strictly prohibited in cold weather.
4.Make sure the power cord socket is plugged in tightly. The plug position has 13 An insurance, and the entire machine is suddenly cut off during operation to check this position;
5.Hand string can not be wound during operation. Contact customer service if you find any lines breaking.;
6.After installing the treatment head, low energy test light spot to ensure that light spot test is normally adjusted to high energy operation;
7.You can’t shine on a device screen, or a customer’s eye;
8.During the operation, do not pull the head of treatment, must power off the head of treatment in the demolition;
9.Regular cleaning of hand lenses, cotton swabs gently wipe up and down;
10.We provide after-sales service for damage caused by human factors.
-[the statement] : below 0 ℃ low temperature area
If the instrument is not used for a long time, or if the field is to be changed, the water inside (handle and main engine) must be emptied. Try not to below 0 ℃ under the environment of more than 3 hours to place the instrument, the study found that water under 0 ℃, in the case of mobile will appear “boom” phenomenon, specific to liquidate liquid water under 0 ℃, will appear in the process of moving rapidly freeze. After liquid water becomes solid ice, its volume increases rapidly, causing damage to water pipes, internal waterways of cooling fans, and water passages of lasers. After received the instrument need to indoor temperature of 23-26 ℃ environment let stand after 24 hours, before it can be used. If the operation is not performed as required, the company only provides paid maintenance services for the equipment damage caused by the customer. Due to the impact of temperature, we hope that customers can pay attention. And follow the requirements for daily maintenance.