Pico-pixel has ultra-short pulse duration, performance by the principle of instantaneously emitted by laser is selectively absorbed by pigments. Light energy was converted into heat and the pigments will be shattered into tiny particles instantly. Some of them will become more tiny particles that are directly blasted out of the body, the others will be absorbed and excreted by lymphatic system by our body.


Remove mole, birthmark, brown blue nevus,functional nevus, etc.

Skin whitening, fine lines removal, acne scar therapy etc.

Remove Chloasma, coffee spots, freckle, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc.

Effectively remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow, soak lip, eye line, and lip line.

Remove all kinds of tattoos, specialized in removing red capillary, coffee, brown, black, cyan and other colorized tattoos.

Remove the pigment skin pathological changes, the pigmentation caused by color pigment mixture, pore remove and face lift.

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LIOB(laser-induced optical breakdown) refers to the powerful laser energy that oscillates many small vacuoles in the dermis. These small vacuoles can loosen the dermal tissue or the entangled scar tissue. Also called “Laser subcision”.

The “LIOB” is like turning over the hard soil without nutrients in the field. When the loosened tissue creates space, the skin will repair those small vacuoles, it will induce the reorganization and regeneration of collagen to improve the skin from those scars and wrinkles.