Function of Skin

The skin performs a complex role in human physiology:

  • Serves as a barrier to the environment, and some glands (sebaceous) may have weak anti-infective properties.
  • Acts as a channel for communication to the outside world.
  • Protects us from water loss, friction wounds, and impact wounds.
  • Uses specialized pigment cells to protect us from ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Produces vitamin D in the epidermal layer, when it is exposed to the sun’s rays.
  • Helps regulate body temperature through sweat glands.
  • Helps regulate metabolism.
  • Has esthetic and beauty qualities.


EPL is a professional use smart E-light & Bi-polar RF incorporate system. The advanced technology provides 5°C epidermis cooling and transfer 45-60°C heat into 5-15mm depth of skin. The intensity parameter is adjustable to different skin and different treatment.

2 technologies:  E-Light &RF

6 programs in one machine:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair Removal (HR)
  • Pigmentation Therapy
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Acne Therapy
  • Wrinkle Removal

Technology: EPL comes with 2 separate technologies in one machine that uses elōs technology (e-light) for light treatment and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency for electro stimulating. It is the latest and most effective system for anti-wrinkle, sagging, slacking, pigmentation, unwanted hair removal, Acne and discoloration.


E Frost Light treats the problems on

With the uniqueness of multi-flash broad spectrum and different length light 430nm-560nm and 690nm-1200nm penetration and in depth RF stimulation, E Frost Light treating the skin problems at same step:


Light damage skin, freckle, spot, discoloration, uneven tone and broken capillaries.


Reconstruct the damage cells, to reduce/remove the wrinkle, open pore, and flabby tissue.


Stimulating collagenases of the dermis, tensing the skin, drains the lymphatic excess of fat, reduce cellulite. Reconstruct the skin structure and increase the thickness of epidermis.


EPL Operating Direction:

  • Both clinician and patient are required wearing protective eyewear to protect the retina.
  • Avoid cleaning the treatment area with flammable alcohol and acetone.
  • Apply thick layer of treatment gel on treatment area before treating.
  • Parameter Configuration:
  1. Pulse: light working time (heat penetrating time), the higher the Pulse, and the deeper the heat penetrate. Note: higher Pulse distribute wilder heat on epidermis.
  2. Delay: the pause between too pulsed light. The higher the Delay, offers longer time for epidermis to cool down.
  3. Intensity (J): the intense of heat distribution for within unit area.

The intensity will need to configure accordingly to the individual. And is required to increase gradually. High intensity will cause damage of skin.