E Frost Light – Italia Bellezza

E Frost Light – Italia Bellezza

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E Frost light applies three core technology, Optical (Light Energy), Radio Frequency, and Epidermis Cooling System. It combines the advantage of Optical (Light Energy) and RF, in one hand, the skin absorbs Light energy selectively, and the skin also absorbs RF energy, on the other hand, the RF-surface-touch cooling technology removing the discomfort and complications by high heat of Optical (Light Energy). Therefore, the effect and safety of light makes a breakthrough.

Applying the technique of Optical (Light Energy) and Bi-polar Radio Frequency, the equipment acts on the entire skin curium and connective tissue, stimulates the collagen of different depth to realign and grow, then gets treatment effect. Bio-polar RF release energy at the same time, with the selective absorption for the skin to light energy, various pathological tissues of curium and epidermis creates Photothermolysis effect. Since light energy is far below conventional Light, the pigment tissue and vascular pathological tissue of the curium and epidermis would absorb more energy without injuring the epidermis, and then remove these pathological tissues better and get the effect.


  1. Hair removal;
  2. Skin rejuvenation; Wrinkle removal, fact lifting;
  3. Removing freckle, age spots, sun spots, chloasma, pigmentation troubles, etc;
  4. Vascular removal;
  5. Acne treatment.

System Self-checking
The circuit of system entering the self-checking situation when the machine starts, leave the machine carry on the self-checking for 5-10 seconds, then continue the operation.

System Classification
Electric shock protection :Grade1 | BF Grade
Corrosion prevention liquid :ordinary
Do not use the machine in the environment mixed of flammable narcotic and air or nitrogen oxide mixture.

Equipment Consist, Specification, and Accessory List

1.Equipment Consist:
1.1 Mainframe
A. Power supply system
B. Microcomputer system
C. Monitor
D. Cooling System
1.2 Optical (Light Energy) Handpiece
A.Optical (Light Energy) source, xenon lamp
B. Reflector and filter
C. Sapphire wave guide
2.Technique Specification
-Light Energy: 1-50J/cm2
-RF energy: 1-25
-SR Spectra: 530-1200nm
-Cooling: water +air + semi-conductor
-Spot size: 8×40mm
-N.W.: 48kg
-Voltage: 110V±220V 10%, 50~60Hz;
Safety Notice:
Safety of E Frost light
The equipment takes maximum consideration of the safety of both operator and operate in the designing, the following are some safe measures of it:
  • Circuit self-checking after machine starting
  • Using filter/light guide crystal, strong pulse light comes out only from the front side of the hand piece.
  • Designed with independent safety circuit, electricity could be shut down automatically when  the Optical (Light Energy) power is to high.
  • Emergency stop switch, shut down the power in emergency.
  • Key switch to avoid starting the machine by any people
  • Use high quality engineering plastic frame, preventing electricity creep age.
All strong pulsed light device may cause hurt by improper handling. Operators should keep vigilant and take necessary protection measures according to the manual.
  • Operatee: Carry out the treatment in the professional treatment room; take effective eye protecting measure;
  • Operator: wearing protective glasses;
  • Treatment room:marked the treatment room clearly with in operating of E Frost Light.
  • No one except technician authorized by the manufacture could dismantle or repair the equipment, especially for the power source, handpiece; high voltage electricity inside;
  • Voltage rating: 110-120V;
  • Maintaining the equipment after disconnecting the power cord;
  • Keep the handpiece clean all the time; do not let the gel leaking into the handpiece;
  •  In case leaking of the handpiece, do not start the equipment; already started, turning off immediately;
  • No emitting light to one area repeatedly, otherwise may cause inflaming or burns, and may leave pigmentation.

Alarms of Strong E Frost Light

  • E Frost Light may hurt the eye or cause burns or fire, take all necessary prevention measures before operating;
  • Emitting too much light to one part may burn the skin which may cause pigmentation;
  • Do not watch the Optical (Light Energy) directly from the handpiece even wearing protective glasses;
  • Do not emit the light to the air; keep the handpiece on the hanger when not using it.

Electricity & Machinery Safety

  • Keep all the boards closed, open the board may bring danger;
  • There is high voltage electricity inside, some parts still carry electricity even after turn off the power, therefore, do not dismantle the backboard without under supervising by our technicians;
  • Do not move the equipment by pulling the handpiece;
  • Do not use the equipment in inflammable and explosive environment;
  • Do not use alcohol or acetone before treatment;
  • Do not start operating before the handpiece dry enough after clean the handpiece or other parts of the equipment.


The following people is not suitable to be operated by the machine:

  1. Pregnant, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetic;
  2. Allergic to Optical (Light Energy);
  3. Open wound parts;
  4. People who could not avoid strong sun light;
  5. Scar, birthmark, or mole higher than the skin.;

Attentions After Treatment

      1. Not using irrigative makeups;
      2. No hot water face wash or sauna in 7 days;
      3. No stimulating food or pigmentary food as chocolate, coffee; no smocking; no drinking;
      4. No scratch in case of scabbing;
      5. Make a water replenishing care in 10 days/li>