Bio Oxy System

Bio Oxy System

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1. Oxygen Injection
To choose the suitable essence according to the different skin. The Oxygen Injection can whiten and moisten the dry skin or thin the pore and control the grease of the greasy skin.

2. Oxygen Sprayer
Supply skin with nutrition and moisture instantly, make skin smooth, lighten splash, improve yellow dark skin, make skin florid, white, tighten, transparent, accompany with special spa essence oil will be better.

3. LED Photon
Light can help the body clear cell electrode, the cells were given sufficient oxygen, thus speeding up the process of cell metabolism and growth. LED soft-photon output wavelength 635nm, to penetrate organizations of 1 ~ 2cm, to activate and repair cells, to improve breathing state of deep cells, and enhance cell ATP energy, effectively improve skin laxity, roughness, wrinkles, acne, scarring and pigmentation issues.

* Red light – to stimulate the body’s own collagen growth, repairing cells, maintaining the original elasticity,tender and smooth skin, shrink pores, balance pigment,to help skin to absorb rapid and deeply. Particularly suitable for the skin with bad blood circulation.

* Blue light – inhibit sebum secretion, kill acne bacteria, whitening and remove scars, effective relief alleviate skin allergies, to deal with acne, especially for sensitive skin, acne skin.

4. Bio Wrinkles
Positive and negative micro bioelectric current stimulate collagen to regenerate.Remove wrinkles.Refine slack skin.Eliminate black rim of the eye.