3D Lamia Cavi

3D Lamia Cavi

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Multi-polar radio frequency slimming machine uses the 4D frequency conversion and negative pressure technology to break up the fat deeply. At the same time, the multi-polar could accelerate the metabolism of fat cells except to assist the movement of skin. It could also help to slim body during convenient rest.

Technical features
* 3 polar RF handle aims at eyes
* 3 polar RF handle aims at facial
* 7 polar RF handle aims at body
* 8 polar RF with vacuum suction to shaping to body & reducing cellulite

3D frequency conversion Technology :

  • Combined with vacuum negative pressure, multi-polar radio frequency slimming system can deep suck up fat.
  • The multi-polar head auxiliary work on the skin effective heat cellulite, promote hypodermis fat tissue metabolism and achieve beautiful body in a comfortable process
  • 8 polar RF with vacuum suction to break up fat
  • Through the vacuum pressure, effectively remove stubborn thick fat, promote metabolism, speed up fat and take away waste.
  • Eliminate orange peel fat, effectively wipe off the cellulite.
  • Enhance blood circulation, improve the skin quality.
  • Application of vacuum cavitation RF slimming machine
  • It produces biologic heat energy to rise the organism temperature. It interpenetrates and breaks up the  fat cells deeply.
  • Improving the circulation of lymph and accelerate the fat burning.
  • Accelerating the metabolism and improving the fat burning speed.
  • Expelling toxin and waste, it makes body health.

Competitive advantages
* The latest design.
* The multi-polar RF for the facial and eyes.
* Suitable for all parts of the skin.
*  Comfortable, painless, wound less during the treatment.
* Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns. Every steps of production are controlled  strictly to rich the standard quality.

* Replacing and summoning the surgery of attracting the fat
* Tightening the flaccid skin
* Promoting the speed of organism metabolism and accelerating the waste and the moisture extraction of  the body
* Repairing striae gravid arum
* Relaxing Themistocles, relieving the muscle spasm and alleviating the ache symptom of muscles